James’ Message

Dear Friends, in these troubled times more than ever we need to recognise the importance of reaching out and helping people wherever we can. In the corporate world I believe strongly that the CEO is the Chief Culture officer and he or she sets the tone for the character and well- being of the company and its personnel.


I am sure good leaders will clearly emerge and be recognised after this crisis; as those who engaged with and supported their colleagues right through the ranks of the organisation — from the top to the very bottom.


I have always believed in the acronym “TEAM” – Together Everyone Achieves More. There is no” I “in team.


The good times will return and the key assets of any company are it’s people. So let us all be strong, compassionate, responsible and caring leaders during this Crisis. The sun will shine again.


Do take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Dr. James Espey OBE


Shaw Mind